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Today, the UK’s South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU), in a joint operation with the Hessen State Police in Germany, the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) and Europol, has arrested a 36 year-old individual on suspicion of fraud, theft and money laundering. The man was arrested by SEROCU following a search warrant carried out at an address in the city of Oxford, UK. A number of computers and electronic devices were also seized. 
On 14 January, some 200 officers from the Gendarmerie Nationale (French Gendarmerie) and Customs, with on-the-field support of Europol, targeted suspects across France believed to be part of an Eurasian mafia group composed mainly of Armenian individuals involved in large-scale poly-criminal activities, including cigarette smuggling, extortion and money laundering.
After almost two years of a complex and lengthy investigation, the French Gendarmerie, supported by Europol, swooped on a criminal network behind the trafficking of high-value vehicles, estimated of having generated €4 million in criminal revenue.
An organised criminal group recruiting dozens of women into sham marriages was detected and dismantled by Belgian and Portuguese authorities, with the active support of Europol and Eurojust. Altogether 17 suspects were arrested today in Belgium and 3 in Portugal in an internationally coordinated action day.
The Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) arrested 83 individuals. Officers detected 28 professional tennis players involved in this case. One of them took part in the last US Open. An organised crime group involved in manipulating professional tennis competitions was dismantled in an operation led by the Spanish Civil Guard and coordinated by the National High Court of Spain (Audiencia Nacional), supported by Europol. In total 83 suspects were arrested, 28 of them are professional players.
With the support of Europol and Eurojust, 12 Lithuanians suspected of luxury car theft in Germany were arrested earlier this week in Germany and Lithuania as part of a coordinated swoop against this organised crime group. Operation JIT EWALD resulted in the arrest of two suspects in Germany and eight in Lithuania. Altogether 6 premises were searched in Germany and 11 in Kaunas and Vilnius, Lithuania.